About SASC

Group of SASC members

The Ski Atlantic Seniors Club was founded by Kell Antoft in 1989 for active enthusiastic seniors who enjoy the outdoors and love to ski. The healthy, active and positive lifestyle he promoted and encouraged is shared by all members of the Club. The fact that he was skiing at age 81, only a few months prior to his death in January of 2005, is a great inspiration to all of us. Enthusiastic volunteers serving as Officers and Directors of the Club have continued his work, and the club he founded thrives to this day.

In cooperation with ski areas in the Maritimes, a unique annual ski pass (“SASCPass”) is available through the Club and is accepted at eight hills in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

A number of retired ski instructors, who are volunteers but have maintained their certification in the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, are available at most ski areas to conduct free weekly ski clinics, and to help seniors just trying skiing for the first time. This enables even the most cautious senior to be introduced to the sport in a safe and friendly manner.

The club also organizes two full-week ski trips each year, usually to Quebec and New England, and sometimes also plans shorter trips to the Gaspe and other nearby areas.

At hills other than those listed as participating hills, the SASCPass may qualify for the Nomad rate (25% discount) from posted Day Pass rates for Seniors 65 and over. Crabbe Mountain, Mont Farlange, and Val d’Isere have agreed to this rate and other hills may also offer this discount. Show your SASC membership card when requesting this discount at hills that are not SASC participants.