Ski Atlantic Seniors' Club

SASC Directors

    The Ski Atlantic Seniors Club is administered by a Board of Directors. It meets four times per year, late September, late November, January and April. The following is a list of the current Officers and Directors:
Sandy Marshall - Secretary
90 Dufferin Street, PO Box 1438
Lunenburg, NS., B0J 2C0
h: 902-634-3065; c: 902-521-0376
Jim Goit - Director Ski Instructors
30 Half Moon Place, Valley, NS
B6L 2H4
Mary Beth Gorey
Director of Ski Trips
9 Spruce Terrace
Fredericton NB E3B 2S6
Nelson Ball – Director, Ski Poley
472 Waterford Rd
Waterford NB E4E 5A6
Gary Thorne - Director - Mt. Farlagne
900 Victoria Street aptD
Edmundston,NB, E3V 3T1
Michel Hindlet - Director at Large
33 Newcombe Drive
Lower Sackville NS B4C 2C8
tel 902.864.2788 cell 902.225.8011

SASC Service Providers

SASC Mailing address:
Ski Atlantic Seniors' Club
PO Box 3076
Tantallon NS
B3Z 4G9